Verago | Delivering Innovative Solutions | Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Nuclear
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Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Nuclear

Verago’s CBRN expertise is extensive and includes on-going support to DNDO, DTRA, DOE, and JPEO-CBD.


Highlights of our accomplishments are noted below:

NII Experts

We have expertise across a wide range of NII systems to include Rad/Nuc, X-Ray, VACIS, MDDU and other systems. Our efforts in this area with CBP LSS include threat assessment, capability gap assessments, and development of technical requirements in line with ANSI 42.43, 42.48.   Our team also executed the entire DHS 102-1 acquisition life cycle of program documentation, program planning, and execution of the HPRDS program working with CBP LSS, which facilitated DNDO’s first successful Acquisition Decision Event 3 (ADE3) and the production, training, and fielding of the RadSeeker next-generation radiological/nuclear handheld to hundreds of CBP, USCG, and TSA officers and agents.

Global Nuclear Detection Architecture (GNDA)

Our team members served as the lead authors for multiple documents that are the foundation for DNDO’s Strategy, Policy and Governance support. Our efforts included providing key sections and coordinating the development and approval of the GNDA Strategic Plan, GNDA Implementation Plan, and several briefings/papers for the DHS 2011 GNDA Symposium. In addition, our team organized several inter-agency meetings, conferences, and symposia on behalf of DNDO, to include the GNDA annual symposium which has over 60 DHS, DoD, State Department, and State/Local Government Organizations.